7 Best AI Content Creation Tools Every Marketer Needs

 The word artificial intelligence itself has been chanted all over the internet. You may have heard of and searched about it like many others.  If you are a marketer and searching for guidance regarding the topic, you have walked into the correct address.

You must keep reading if you are a newbie to technological advancement and seeking more uncomplicated knowledge. There are several options for content marketing writing assistants. This article will name all of them.

we considered that AI has a lot to do with marketing strategies advertisements on digital platforms. Be it SEO, social media marketing or any content for audience engagement; we try to scrape out beneficial pointers to excel in your career. . Let’s jump into it!

Table Of Content For Artificial Intelligence Tools:

  1. Surfer: Outstanding results for search engine optimization,
  2. GrowthBar: Two-in-one tool (content and SEO AI tool)
  3. Article Forge: Generate articles from an AI generator
  4. CopyAI: Copywriting helper
  5. Scalenut: Workable for SEO and technical writings
  6. Outranking: Strategic and analytical content creation
  7. WriteSonic: User-friendly and reasonable in price.
  1. Features of Surfer:
  • It is a complete planner for content- you can use this tool to do your keyword research and google SERPs. It will help you organize and develop your task with efficacy and efficiency.
  • It will help you outline crispy titles and headings. It will help create brief and structural write-ups that will be written based on keywords.
  • The HTML active document provides content strategies and tips for writing purposes.
  • It helps in the evaluation process. This tool compares your old content with your competitors to give you an outlook of where you stand.
  • A proper task flow helps update the website with weekly content and enhance its quality.
  • The Google browser extension enables keywords to appear instantly and without any hurdle.
  • Surfer Academy’s essay writing service UK provides live sessions to train newbies.
  • Surfers have SEO experts and are famous for creating search-optimized content.
  • They offer a free course for subscribers to help them grasp techniques in AI skills.
  1. GrowthBar:
  • It works as a content generator as you land on the main page, allowing you to create your idea. Be it an email or a blog, it works for any write-up.
  • The best feature of it is that it gives an internal link. It is beneficial for marketing strategic designs in lengthy content size. Avail of these suggestions to improve optimization in searches.
  • You can use Growthbar to write full-word count articles and blogs. This AI tool efficiently generates sales copies, press releases and more.
  • Interestingly, this resource has a paragraph generator option, producing a brief paragraph at a time.
  • You can form Meta descriptions from the same tool.
  • It can suggest you outclass ideas for blogs. AI provides excellent help for anyone to start their career in marketing.
  • Growthbar has a feature to detect keyword ranks which may direct you to make the right decisions for your website.
  1. Article Forge:
  • Similar to essaymills, Article Forge appreciates visually engaging content. It ensures that your content is rich in images and links to make it more interactive.
  • You can find automated schedules that may assist you in posting content on WordPress websites. You must check out this option on Article Forge to explore it in-depth.
  • It he you to create text or subjects in more than three languages. It means you are not restricted to one. However, you can use your killer idea replicated in different languages.
  • It is an unmatchable tool for marketing content.
  1. CopyAI:
  • It is a free version for you. And you are not required to punch in credit card details to buy any feature.
  • It is an AI generator that doesn’t ask you for sign-ups, email subjects, Instagram regarding captions or your website name. You are good to go without it too.
  • If you are wandering here and there, you must get your hands on CopyAI’s tremendously designed templates. They are more than hundred available on CopyAI to create your catchy copies.
  • It is easy to operate as it is made explicitly for non-tech-savvy users.
  • It can boost your creativity in advertising copies, SMM, copies for websites, sales, blogs and business write-ups.
  • Copy AI looks for the correct target audience and the language to use accordingly. It generates product descriptions considering the liking of the users of your product.
  1. Scalenut:
  • No credit card is required. It’s free to use for marketers or strategists.
  • It is a safe platform to research for SEOs.
  • You can generate long blog posts from the Scalenut AI tool to make SEO efficient.
  • Best articles are written under the Scalenut AI tool.
  • You can go for captions for social media posts and ad copies.
  • It doesn’t restrict by the word limit.
  1. Outranking:
  • It is a professional’s favourite AI tool for writing purposes, as it generates catchy phrases for write-ups.
  • Outranking has command of strategic content creation
  • You can depend on its advanced features to develop content for marketing and SEO.
  1. WriteSonic:
  • If you are looking for top-tier marketing resources for your brand, you must get your hands on WriteSonic. It has a fast-creating content generator that takes away your headache quickly.
  • You can activate auto-creation for digital platform posts and blogs.
  • It makes quality content for your brand and is plagiarism-free.
  • On top of that, your write-up is generated according to the perfect tone and style. And the AI can read it by itself.


We gathered each bit of information regarding artificial intelligence tools and features in a proper manner. It is now on you to pick the best choice for your brand or website. The tools mentioned above are technologically upgraded but user-friendly for those unfamiliar with applications or web apps. So what is making you wait? Make your life easier with AI generators.

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