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Are you a writer and looking for a platform for guest posting? Do you want to publish your articles on lydenspice.com to increase the readership of your content?

Well! You landed on the right page. lydenspice.com is a blogging platform that is committed to serving quality content to its reader community. 

Currently, lydenspice.com is accepting guest posts from writers all over the world. So, if you are someone who is passionate about writing and wants to explore more, then it would end your search.

Stay tuned and read this page with concentration to understand our platform and its requirements so that you can apply for guest posting.

Who are we and the type of content do we publish on our platform:

lydenspice.com is a blog posting platform that publishes content in numerous categories. We are not limited to any specific content category and we target a large section of the audience who want information regarding multiple topics and categories.

It makes us a general blogging platform. You will find articles by many writers on lydenspice.com as we often provide writing opportunities to guest writers.

However, we serve the content of multiple categories but one thing is common “authenticity”.

At lydenspice.com you will find quality content that is easy to read and fulfils authenticity criteria.

“Quality with quantity” is what our organisation admires most.

By now you must know about lydenspice.com and what kind of content we publish on our platform.

Let’s move forward.

Content categories in which we frequently publish content:

At lydenspice.com, readers can find content related to almost all categories (except prohibited ones like gambling and adult). 

For reference we are mentioning some major content categories in which we publish content frequently:

  • News
  • Fashion
  • Technology
  • Health
  • Politics
  • Business
  • Reviews
  • Current affairs
  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • Games

These are our prominent content categories, if you want to write content in any other category that is not mentioned in the above list you should confirm with our team via email communication mentioning all the details.

Our team will respond accordingly so then you can start writing your guest post.

Quality guidelines which every author needs to follow: 

Our quality team has made certain guidelines and criteria which every article needs to fulfil before getting published on lydenspice.com.

Read these guidelines carefully and implement them while writing content for the approval of blog posts.

Write plagiarism-free content only: 

When you copy content from another’s platform and paste it on your article and publish it on a website as your own piece of content then it is called plagiarism.

Lydenspice.com never prompts copied content and always publishes unique and plagiarism-free content only.

It is the most important criterion which your written content shall be fulfilled to get published in lydenspice.com.

Sometimes we don’t copy content from any other source still when we run a plagiarism checker on our content it might hit plagiarism.

It is because the content is very similar to others. Even if you didn’t copy it, you would be required to fix it.

So, whatever the reason is, the content which you are sending for publication needs to be original and plagiarism free.

There are multiple websites both paid and free through which you can check plagiarism and ensure uniqueness.

Write SEO-friendly content: 

Ever wonder how new readers find any platform and website that provide desirable information to them? Well! It is the work of the search engine to introduce results as per the user’s search term.

So it becomes extremely important to follow search engine guidelines to maintain visibility in users’ search results.

There will be very few readers that directly paste URLs in the search bar and open the website. Most of the readers will search for the key term related to their desired information and based on the search result they will open the web page.

So to grab new readers and also to maintain old readers following search engine guidelines are a must.

These guidelines get updated by search engines frequently. So, ensure that you are writing content for guest posting by following updated search engine guidelines.

Adding images to the content:

The addition of images in the content makes it easy to read and keeps readers interested in the reading.

There are many reasons why you should add at least one image in your post relevant to your content.

It improves readership and SEO scores which eventually make blog posts more visible in search results.

When an article’s subject is complicated then images help users to understand the context.

One thing you need to take care of while inserting images in your post is that they shall be relevant and copyright free.

Irrelevant images divert attention and spoil the readership experience. And copied images may attract penalties from search engines and the original creator.

However, the addition of one relevant image is mandatory.

Writer grammatically correct content: 

Writing grammatically correct content is one of the most important elements to improve the readership experience.

Language error indicates that the writer doesn’t have enough knowledge to write the content or the write-up lacks authenticity.

We are humans and our knowledge is not perfect. Sometimes you can make a mistake and readers also avoid it but that mistake should not be an obvious one,

It indicates either you don’t know the language well in which you are writing the content or you don’t proofread your content carefully.

So, it is advisable to pay extra attention to writing grammatically correct content to provide a better readership experience.

External links and word limit for a guest post:

For every guest post, authors are allowed to add a maximum of 2 external links redirecting to their website or their social media accounts in the author bio section.

There is no specific word limit. It depends on the subject requirements. However, generally, we don’t publish articles below 1000 words and up to 3000 words.

Exceptions are always there according to the article’s subject requirement.

How to send guest blog posts for publishing?

You will require to send an email to our official email id. It shall contain your post in Ms-word format.

Also, don’t forget to fill email subject wisely for precise identification.

Official email id: info@lydenspice.com